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The Eco Box will be prepared based on your responses from the survey. It includes a set of devices that help you save electricity, water and money. Don't waste natural resources⚡

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OK, but how does it work?

We will explain everything to you step by step.

First step

Complete our short survey. This will
help us understand your energy-saving
and water-saving needs.

Second step

Based on your answers we will
prepare a set for you, tailored
to your needs.

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What’s in the Eco Box?

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Why is it worth joining us?

Here are some of the reasons:

Because we save energy and time

We don't like wasting neither energy
nor time. It only takes a few clicks
and you start saving!

Because we approach everyone individually

We use an algorithm to analyze
your answers. Based on this, we are
able to prepare a personalized set for you.

Because we use the latest technologies

With us, you can enjoy climate
technology in your own home!

Because we want to be the change

We create a community that helps
saving energy. You can share
products from the Eco Box with your
loved ones.

Have you ever wondered... How much electricity and water do we waste annually in Poland?

Would you like to have an impact on reducing these indicators?


Electricity produced
is wasted

~400 000 liters

Water is wasted
by society

~40% more

You will pay for your
bills within 3 years

Here is what they say about us...

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Eco solutions are close to my heart. I try to live consciously. Since I use products from my Box, I feel that I’m also helping the planet.


I work from home so I use a lot of energy. Since I use ecosavers club
products, I’m less stressed about my electricity bills.


For a long time I've been looking for a solution that would help me save electricity. I'm glad that I have finally found a solution perfect for my entire family.


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Together, we can build a community that
knows how to save energy and water! The company of CO2 offset experts!

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