Frequently Asked Questions

The ecosavers club website is still in beta, but constantly we test the most convenient solutions for you to build a perfect platform.

What is ecosavers club?

ecosavers club is a personal shopping platform with products for saving energy and reducing energy bills. In practice, it is a combination of a unique e-commerce model to obtain information about customer needs with extensive AI-powered data analytics for automatic selection the best basket of products for lower energy bills. Increases in energy prices are not only a market problem, but a problem social. Fortunately, as consumers, we can share to respond to rising costs of living.

What is our goal?

Our project is to provide a unique user experience combined with the simplicity, convenience and prices of the products offered. ecosavers club aims to create an improving community in methods of reducing energy bills and implementing new ones solutions in this area because energy prices on a global scale they will only grow.

How it's working?

Step 1. Complete a short survey

The survey is available under the button "Complete the survey". Based on the answers given, our algorithm will be able to understand your needs and prepare Eco Box with energy-saving products. It will also calculate how much money will you save and how long will it take.

Step 2. We will prepare yours Eco Box.

You will get feedback from us after the survey, and in the next one You will receive information about the Eco Box and the package tracking number by e-mail.

Step 3. Wait for delivery.

The average shipping time is 24 hours and the delivery time is up to 3 business days.

Step 4. Use them all products in your home.

Follow the instructions for each device, products will start to save from the very first day.

Step 5. Say what you think about our service.

We would be grateful if you share your opinion with us about ecosavers club. Telling us what you like or not like it, we will be able to constantly develop. Thank you!

What types of products can I expect?

Standby switches
Standby mode switches
Smart USB Chargers
Motion sensors for light bulbs
Light bulb timers
Analog and digital timers
Energy meters

What brands of products can I expect?

Go Green

Where are you shipping your Eco Boxes?

We ship Eco Boxes in Poland.

How do I return products to you?

There is 14 days to return the products from their receipt, Please send Eco Boxes to the address provided in the Contact tab.

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