What is ecosavers club?

We offer individual solutions through energy-saving products. Thanks to expanded data analysis, we are able to prepare Eco Boxes tailored to the needs of our clients.

Where did our idea
come from?

We started looking for answers to the global problem of increasing energy costs. Not everyone is aware that electricity prices will increase significantly in the next few years. We want to give people an effective solution and create a conscious community that does not waste energy.


Explore our solutions!

We are committed to saving electricity and money. We know how precious time is today. You no longer have to browse through hundreds of products available in stores. All you have to do is complete our online survey and order your own Eco Box.

Get to know us better

Do you know that…


Innovation gives us power

We provide clients with new energy-saving technologies from around the world. We are constantly developing innovative solutions, straight from research centers.


You never lose energy
with us

We promote a revolutionary online sales formula. Each purchase is characterized by a real payback period. You buy once, you save non-stop!


Your Eco Box has an eco

Your Eco Box is made of recycled cardboard and it is filled with natural raw material.


We work for you 24/7

We are like a best friend. Our customer service works non-stop and will be happy to help you in case of any doubts.